« No country for old men

Published January 19, 2021

I am in a movie theater. The main character is about my age, and the times have passed him by. He is a sheriff, like his daddy before him, and he can handle the problems that his daddy used to handle, but the ultra-violence being unleashed by the modern drug wars is too much for him. The title of the movie perfectly captures his situation: No Country for Old Men. As I watch the movie, I realize that I used to be able to handle the violence depicted in the movies that they made when my father was still alive, but the graphic ultra-violence being shown by the modern movie director is too much for me. This is no theater for old men.


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About Stephen Kennamer

For several years I have taught a course titled The Anthropology of Evil. I chose the term “anthropology,” not to indicate a restriction to the study of evil among primitive tribes, but rather to widen the lens to take in every relevant discipline: history, philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, and current events.

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